Netflix forks over cash to Comcast as the media landscape gets smaller and ... A slippery slope? ... net neutrality" grounds. Surely youve heard by now that Comcast, ... with Netflix traffic? Netflix Still Can't Make Up Its Mind About Net Neutrality. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings today published an extensive blog post explaining his and his companys views on net neutrality and why it now pays an ISP that it feels should be The motivation could be to get Netflix to pay fees to stop this degradation. ... Comcast no longer following net neutrality principles. That Netflix is now going to pay to relieve the bottleneck is hardly a net neutrality violation, says Dan Remember Netflixs deal with Comcast? How Net neutrality helped kill the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. The FCC's draft net neutrality This goes against Comcasts RECOMMENDED BY FORBES. Comcasts deal with Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete By Timothy B. Lee By Timothy B. Lee February 23, 2014 Follow @binarybits For the past two decades, the Internet has operated as an unregulated, competitive free market. When Netflix agreed to pay Comcast as part of a peering agreement in the wake of the legal demise of net neutrality, the landscape of the Internet changed. Deal with the devil: why Netflix broke its own rules on net neutrality. How Netflix's decision to pay Comcast could mean the end of the Internet as we know it. Even though the FCC's Wheeler doesn't see these interconnection relationships as a Net neutrality issue, that doesn't mean that the FCC still couldn't look into whether large Policy Netflix says it will pay tolls to more ISPs, not just Comcast Video service calls for stronger net neutrality law that covers peering. Netflix pays cable provider for fast, reliable service. You can now use Netflix with Comcast's TV ... and it remains to be seen whether you'll pay a separate fee to use Netflix. Netflix and Net Neutrality. Consumer advocates fear it's the first of many deals to come. Comcast's ... Netflix to pay an ... Netflix and ... your whole addressable market already gets to stream Netflix ... #Comcast; #FCC; #Net Neutrality Netflix and Comcast are battling over whether "paid peering" deals should be considered a net neutrality issue. The FCC OKs Streaming for FreeBut Net Neutrality Will Pay. The window for comments and replies has closed, but the debate over FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to roll back net neutrality won't die....T The FCCs proposal on net neutrality could overturn agreements like those. Netflix has agreed to pay US internet service provider (ISP) Comcast an undisclosed fee to relieve internet "congestion" and ensure smoother streaming of Netflix content. Comcast believes that Netflix should have to pay for those additional ports, whereas Netflix believes that Comcast should be responsible for that cost. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings penned a Facebook post that takes Comcast to task on the topic of network neutrality related to data caps and the Xbox 360. The move has renewed fears that major US ISPs will prioritise content in return for a fee, jeopardising the principles of net neutrality. Netflix then agreed to pay Comcast a premium rate to allocate more bandwidth to the service, giving customers a better streaming experience. Because Netflix is in such heavy demand, the pipes that connect its third-party distributors and Comcast are clogged.