Alexandria Kettlebell is focused on providing you with top-notch fitness and athletic training!  We know that life is BUSY, so whether you are looking for a super-efficient “maximum results for minimum time” workout, or a more intense and in-depth goal-oriented small group training regimen, our kettlebell and strength training classes will meet your needs.  Jen and Kate are the area’s leading authorities on all things related to kettlebell and strength training with a combined 15 years of hands-on experience and training and certifications from the world’s most well-respected sources.  We pride ourselves on the personal attention and motivation as well as the customized programs that we provide to each and every one of our clients – providing you with a comfortable, fun, and challenging atmosphere.  Mix in your commitment to a healthy and strong life and you are sure to reach your goals!


  • What are kettlebells? A ‘kettlebell’ or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells have been used in Russia since the early 1700’s.   Kettlebells are used in varying weights for ballistic exercises as well as non-ballistics such as pressing and deadlifting.
  • Why use kettlebells for athletic training? Regular use of kettlebells develops sustained strength – the type of strength that makes itself available over an extended period of time – particularly pertinent for those in endurance sports.   Kettlebells provide a cardiovascular dimension to a strength training workout with the potential to not only maximize strength, but to increase VO2Max – the maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilized by the body in an all-out exhaustive effort. The object of weight training is to trigger muscle growth.  The object of aerobic exercise is to burn fat and increase cardio capacity.  Kettlebells have shown the ability to bring the two together for improved muscle mass, reduced body fat, increased strength, endurance, speed, and agility.  Washingtonpost.com, February 2003
  • Why does it work? Kettlebells work to increase performance because they close the gap between the disciplines of strength training and aerobic training.  Users handle significant poundage throughout the duration of their workout session in a way that both increases strength and cardiovascular capacity.  The unique nature of this combination allows the heart muscle to not only grow, but increase its work capacity in a way that almost always leads to improvements in performance.  Washingtonpost.com, February 2003